“LOMA srl” is an Engineering Company created with the goal of strengthening the freelance-based activities in the steelmaking, civil and industrial engineering field, at the same time providing a more effective and structured service to the customers.

Marco & Nicola Piutti have founded the company  in 2014.

In such a context, the founders and their team have been serving First Class companies in the Steelmaking field  both as employees and  free lancers since 2005.


In 2015 LOMA srl took over all the activities of Sidertech Italia srl.


Sidertech Italia srl was an Engineering Company co-founded by M. Piutti in 2005. Established near Udine, started a growing activity in the steelmaking field focused mainly in the revamping and refurbishing of CCMs by providing engineering, equipment supply, spare parts and reverse engineering on demand.




LOMA srl is also in partnership with small and medium sized manufacturing companies in Europe.

Over the last decade LOMA & Sidertech carried out  many projects proving its capacity in the following fields:

- Medium and Heavy Steel Structures.

- CCM machined equipment.

- Electric Equipment and Software.

- Supervision, commissioning, training and technical assistances.


All engineering, procurement and manufacturing activities are executed in Italy under the direct supervision of LOMA srl.

The customers are always welcome to visit LOMA srl and make inspections during the manufacturing phase.

Considering the partnership with most of first class commercial parts’ suppliers, LOMA srl is able to offer services and equipment at excellent quality in a competitive price and always on time.


Sidertech Italia is LOMA srl  proprietary commercial brand



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